Elaine Saunders Kudalis

Elaine started out her career selling insurance and retirement planning investment products in the financial services industry. She quickly learned that having to wait for someone to grow old or die to appreciate her work was not much fun at all. When her ex husband decided to get into the dating industry, she realized that success could be the best revenge. So, she took a job with his closest competitor, Great Expectations Video Dating. The rest, as they say, was history! There is where she learned the art of matchmaking, and it was there she made herself a perfect match when she met and married her beloved husband Tony. Losing him ten years after their wedding to a long battle with cancer, she’s developed an affinity towards helping the widowed find new love and happiness again. She devotes much of her time towards a segment of her practice, a legacy of love she calls “Compassionate Connections” in memory of the first wonderful match that she made.

Today she runs her own company, Dynamic Introductions. As a certified matchmaker, and grief coach, she has helped dozens of those who have loved and lost find new love again. As an intuitive and empathetic guide, she will help connect you to someone whose qualities are typically not found on the run of the mill dating sites, which can be full of cynical and bitter angry “victims”, scammers, predators, and the usual suspects…..emotionally and legally unavailable people.

If you value your time, your heart, and the depth of your personal relationships, you owe it to yourself to open up opportunities that will increase the positive energy and vibes in your life to enable good things to happen for you in this area. Simply put, it’s a part of good, healthy self care. Studies have shown that people with good relationships enjoy better mental health and live longer and healthier lives. It’s all about being well, doing well, spiritually, physically, mentally. It’s about Loving well, not spinning your wheels trying to look for love, “in all the wrong places”.

With over 20 years of experience, guidance is given and references are provided, upon request.

To schedule a no obligation time to speak with Elaine  https://calendly.com/dynamicelaine