Elaine- I want to thank you for your wonderful service! Over the past year I have met many very nice men. Through my introductions, I have found men with many different interests- some interests I may have never given thought. These are things that make our lives interesting. Took me about nine months until I finally found that ‘special one’! We have been together several months now, and I have to say that I’m SO glad I didn’t give up- as I would have never met my ‘Special Guy’…we spend many hours talking, laughing and share many of the same interests. Thank you for everything!


Elaine is a true professional. Online dating is daunting and scary. Dynamic Introductions listens to you and discusses your options with a unique creativity and discretion. It’s not that hard, especially when you have a pro, that has matched so many successful couples, holding your hand through the process.


I met Elaine a few years ago and I’ve been to many of the meet up events she has hosted for Singles. The events are always fun and I’ve seen a lot of people that I know who are dating as a result of that and the matchmaking she does. I even went to a wedding this past Fall that was a result of her matchmaking and there is another one coming up who met through Dynamic Introductions. If you are tired of the games with online dating, I highly recommend that you talk to Elaine!


My consultant from Dynamic Introductions, Elaine, is extremely experienced in the dating area, having worked as a dating consultant at a high profile firm for many years. Elaine was supposed to be a dating matchmaker, but turned out to also be a dating coach plus she was able to refer me to a photographer who specialized in online dating photos. Elaine is a great listener, she excels at addressing whatever issues I have and, unexpectedly, provides a high level of encouragement in my dating quest that I couldn’t have even imagined. She walked me through the online dating process, helping me develop my online dating profile, enter it online, and answer the profile questions. She also helped to select the best photos for me and enter those online. Surprisingly, she did even more… For example, having a financial background, she researched and identified the right Financial Advisor for me, eliminating what I expected to be a long and arduous search process and therefore kept postponing. She even referred me to a personal organizer! She just goes out of her way to provide that extra service beyond the call of duty. I have to keep asking her, is there anything else you can do for me that I don’t know about?

Waltham, MA

Elaine is not only a fantastic person and experienced matchmaker, she is tremendously dedicated to her cause: to create meaningful relationships, whether romantic in nature or connecting people in the community. I had the pleasure of working with Elaine during a major fundraising event for the Michael J. Fox Foundation in support of finding a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Her involvement and contribution were critical to the success of the event. Elaine’s skill and enthusiasm for her work is unparalleled, and I highly recommend her for any venue or personal relationship goals you wish to make a reality.


I met several ladies through Elaine. She really does try to find matches for you! A few were OK and very nice, with no losers, but there was just not any magic there … until she matched me with Sue. That was two months ago. I took her to the seashore yesterday at sunset and proposed. She said yes. I think that’s about as good as it gets.

For the money, Elaine did as good or better than another service I hired that cost twice as much. Money well spent. The other dating service found me some nice matches, too, and a few that were just one meet-up or phone call. No service can give you a guarantee, so you have to be realist. You’re hiring someone to help you search and filter out the ones who are definitely not your match. They improve your odds of finding someone. So why would I recommend Elaine? A little more personal service, lots and lots of events and, most importantly, she has more possibilities in my area. The Boston service had mostly matches 30 to 50 miles south of me. Go with a local service and go with someone who organizes live events. I went to Elaine’s Valentines Day dance, and had a lot of fun even though I didn’t wind up with a future date from it. It got me back into the scene. Good practice. Anyway, Elaine took my feedback from the first few dates and used it to refine her search. She found me a perfect match … love at first sight.