Why a Matchmaker

Why a Matchmaker?

Because you have nothing to lose, except for the fruitless frustration that comes with MOST dating sites and applications. Consider the top 3 ways to meet a significant other in the current “hook-up” culture we live in.

  1. An online dating site. Yes, people meet through on-line dating sites. But how many “bad dates” and distasteful experiences did they go through to find someone? And is your personal privacy, safety and sanity worth it?
  2. Mere exposure effect. If you see someone often, through your daily living environment, you may come to know and love someone. Sometimes, someone who you initially do not find yourself attracted to, suddenly becomes charming and lovable in your eyes. This “used to” happen more often, prior to the social phenomenons such as technology taking over human communications and relationships, and other social influences like the “#MeToo” movement.
  3. A “friend” who introduces you. There is nothing quite better than a personal “referral”. Most happily marrieds for the long haul will tell you they met either directly through a friend or at a social event where mutual friends were present.

In almost all cases, they know a person or people in common. With a Matchmaker, SHE is your friend who can introduce and make an effective connection. It makes all the difference. Our clients say there is a world of difference between the online dating experience, and that which they’ve had through Dynamic Introductions.

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